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About Miami - South Florida Real Estate Market

Miami Real Estate

Miami Beachfront Real Estate

Miami Real Estate Market

Miami Real Estate Market is dominating industry headlines as one of the strongest real estate markets in the U.S. In fact, the Miami Association of Realtors reports that demand for Miami real estate continues trending upward while reflecting a positive balance between sellers and buyers. Cities like AventuraSunny IslesBal HarbourGolden Beach and  Hallandale Beach just to mention a few are seeing at least double digit price increase as compared to just a few years ago.

Strong national and international sales of luxury Miami Real Estate Market indicates more than just a stable rebound for Miami Real Estate Market–it reveals the desire for millions of people to live in one of the most exciting, thriving cities in the world–Miami, Florida. With New Construction back in swing of things, new construction sales are acceding builder’s expectations. New Luxury condo projects like Porsche Design Tower, Muse Sunny Isles Residences, Sunny Isles 400, Parque Towers, Preve, Regalia, and Marina Palms are all either sold out or at 80% sold out.

Why Miami Real Estate Market so Attractive

If you have ever visited Florida, you know why everyone is flocking to the Sunshine State. If you have never visited Miami, here’s just a sampling of why south Florida real estate is the hottest thing since the Macarena:

• It is home to 800+ parks–it’s also bordered by the Everglades National Park and the Biscayne National Park

• Forbes Magazine has ranked it as the cleanest American city in 2008

• Home owners never have to worry about shoveling snow, driving on icy streets or suffering through sub-zero temperatures. With its subtropical climate and average daily temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit, you can give away those bulky sweaters, thermal underwear and uncomfortable snow boots to your relatives up North because you won’t need them anymore.

• Whether you are a football, baseball or basketball fan, you get all three in Miami–the Dolphins (NFL), the Heat (NBA) and the

Miami Real Estate

Miami Florida Sun Rise

Marlins (MLB) provide enough year around sports to satisfy even the most rabid sports enthusiast.Golf fans have reason to rejoice as well—South Florida boasts some of the best golf courses in the world–Normandy Shores Golf, Miami Beach Golf Club and Don Shula’s Golf Club, just to name a few of the hundreds of golfing venues in the area.

• As seen on Bravo, Million Dollar Listings #MDLMIA some of the most luxurious homes, villas and condos with magnificent views can be found in the North Miami area. Fort Lauderdale, Sunny Isles, Bal Harbour, Hallandale Beach, Aventura are some of the popular cities in Miami real Estate Market. Waterfront and oceanfront properties surrounded by sparkling, moonlit waters, stately palm trees swaying in the warm breeze, green grass that remains gorgeously lush all year and the breathtaking skyline attract hundreds of thousands of people each year looking to settle down, vacation or own a second home in this paradise.

• Water activities keep Florida residents healthy and never bored–from swimming, boating, water-skiing, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, scuba-diving and jet-skiing, the Atlantic Ocean as well as Miami’s many lakes provide the relaxation and fun everyone desires. Haulover Beach Park and Baker’s Haulover Inlet, Dania Beach both have a direct entrance to the deep waters of Atlantic Ocean.

Business and Employment Opportunities in South Florida

Miami Real Estate Market is bursting at the seams with entrepreneurial and employment opportunities ranging from high-end restaurant jobs to CEO positions with some of the most famous companies in the world headquartered in Miami, such as Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Telemundo, Bacardi, Perry Ellis International and Vector Group. It is also home to the Head Quarters of Latin American operations for Microsoft, Disney, Sony, Yahoo and Kraft Foods.

Some of Miami’s largest employers include the Miami-Dade County School System (rated as one of the best in the U.S.), the Miami-Dade County government, Baptist Healthcare System, the University of Miami, American Airlines and the Florida State Government. Additionally, Miami’s consistently booming tourism industry offers entrepreneurs a wide variety of options regarding viable start-up business opportunities.

Miami’s Music and Art Scene–Famous, Trendy and Always Open

Art museums, exhibitions and schools flourish in the area, fueled by its multi cultural population, stylistic diversity and eagerness to embrace new, vibrant and compelling art forms. Downtown will thrill art lovers investing in Miami real estate because of its many, fabulous museums–the Frost Art Museum, Miami Science Museum, Miami Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art are a few of the most visited places. Miami hosts the Winter Music Conference each year, which is the world’s biggest dance event, the Ultra Music Festival and numerous electronica/techno/dance festivals throughout the year.

Other styles of music played in sun state include rumba, Cuban conga, reggae, calypso, hip-hop and rock. The night scene in Miami can’t be described in words so it must be experienced in person. Adjectives like exciting, lively, wild, provocative and thrilling just doesn’t do it justice. However, one trendy club called Mansion is the place to go if you want to indulge in the quintessential Miami nightclub. If you can manage to get in, you’ll see celebrities at play, magnificent chandeliers, opulent furnishings, bars galore and dance floors lit up with high-voltage, neon lights.

Practical Side of Purchasing Miami Real Estate

Now that you’ve decided to make picture perfect Miami your forever home, you’ll be glad to know that Florida property owners benefit from several property tax exemptions that offer discounts on yearly property taxes. These exemptions include:

• Homestead Exemption–you may be eligible for up to $50,000 in discounts on your primary home.

• Widow/Widower’s Exemption–$500 exemptions are available to widowers and widows who have not re-married

• Senior Citizen Exemption–available to Miami residents over 65 years old (income-based)

• Disability Exemptions–for those who are blind, quadriplegic or suffering from another permanent disability

• Veteran’s Disability Exemptions

• And there are hundreds of communities that cater to 55+ residents

Hiring a South Florida Real Estate Agent has its advantages

Financing your investment at first glance may seem complicated but Miami real estate agents possess exhaustive knowledge and little-known insider information about mortgage financing options as well as navigating through the process of filling out necessary paperwork.

• They already have established relationships with lenders in the area

• They have access to databases that can find your dream home expeditiously

• They are expert negotiators–after all, it’s their job!

They will be there to help you even after closing on a home In fact, our real estate agents will take the stress and confusion out of the whole real estate buying and or real estate selling process–all you need to do is pack up your stuff and move to beautiful, warm, exciting Florida. Give us a call at 786-505-4786 if you have any questions or need assistance.

South Florida areas that we work in include but not limited to   AventuraBal HarbourBay Harbor,  Dania BeachGolden Beach,  Hallandale BeachHollywood BeachSunny Isles Beach,  Surfside.  We cover a broad area from North to South, East and West of our office and agents throughout the area that will be happy to assist you.

Miami Real Estate Market is huge but we know what to look for!


Miami - South Florida Real Estate Videos


Paramount Miami Worldcenter

Paramount Miami World Center

• Private elevator access with private foyers
• 10-foot ceilings in all living spaces
• Outdoor living rooms
• Large entertainment space
• Designer European kitchens
• Rain Showers
• Spa Tubs
• Full-size Laundry Room
• Lock-out studio (in 3 bedroom residences)
• Expansive 1,900 sq. ft. double-height lobby
• Porte Cochere with 24-hour valet
• Private direct 3rd floor access from your residence into The Mall at Miami World Center
• The over 35,000 sq. ft. amenities deck located on the 9th floor




Coral Gables condos for sale

Coral Gables

As city founder George Merrick first envisioned them back in the 1920’s, Coral Gables pedestrian-friendly boulevards, parks, fountains, shops and historic buildings have made it South Florida’s premier residential address – the place where everyone wants to live, work and enjoy time with family and friends Marrick Manor.

Grocers, bakeries, banks and other daily retail providers are a short trolley hop or bike ride from home. Green spaces, family-friendly parks and public art installations abound. Excellent golf and tennis facilities, the romantic grottos of Venetian Pool, the University of Miami campus, Matheson Hammock’s picnic grounds and sparkling bay lagoon, the impossibly lush Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden – all these and more call Coral Gables home.