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Condo Insurance coverage

Must-Have Condo Insurance Coverage

What Insurance Coverage Should I Get?

The must-have condo insurance coverage in Miami. Some recommendation as to the coverage one should have for their condo and what to insure. Trying to figure out what insurance coverage you need when you live in a condo. Who is responsible for what, what should I get coverage for, what if I get damage from my neighbor, what if I am the one that caused the damage!

Any owner of a condo or townhome should be aware that their personal property and possessions, personal liability and upgrades to the unit are most likely not covered by the Condominium Master Insurance Policy. Continue reading

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Battery Powered Homes South Florida

Battery Powered Homes South Florida

Battery Powered Homes Are Becoming a Reality.

The future of battery-powered homes South Florida market may be headed for. Solar and battery power renewable energy South Florida. The great thing about the batteries is that they can store energy for later use. Batteries can harness renewable energy sources and make utility companies less reliant on more expensive forms of electricity when demand runs high. Solar power, especially, tends to generate electricity only at certain times, unfortunately, it is rarely in sync with a home’s needs. Battery powered homes could change that.

Meaning most of the use is in the morning and evening when people get home, while solar generates energy during the day when the sun is out. Storing the generated electricity during the day when solar production is at its highest will allow us to use it when the sun sets. Generating enough energy is one part of the process storing it is something else. Solar panel technology and efficiency has gotten much better and keeps improving but to power a large house still requires bulky batteries and space to store them. Continue reading

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Oceanview condos HOA Hallandale

Does HOA Increase Property Value?

More Neighborhoods Fall Under HOA.

Does HOA Increase Property Value in your community? Why do we have HOA are they mandatory. See what states have Home Owners Associations. According to National Association of Realtors, 21% of the United States population resides in communities governed by the association. HOA stands for the homeowners association and it does not just imply to homes it is also applicable to condos, co-ops, and townhomes. Any community that has multiple residences and offers a lot of commonly shared amenities may fall under HOA guidelines. Continue reading

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Handshake Deal in Real Estate

Does Handshake Deal Make It Legal?

Handshake Deal are they binding?

Does a handshake deal make it a legal transaction? When it comes to real estate handshake deal is not always a binding deal.Buying real estate on a handshake. Is handshake deal binding contract? Well that all depends as to what it is you shook hands on. If we are talking about the real estate transactions chances are it is not. Keep reading as this is something that happens all the time. Let me explain as to why! My name is Leonard Woshczyn and I am a local North Miami Realtor, I am not an attorney so please consult a real estate attorney for legal matters you can contact HERE. But what I do want is to make buyers and sellers be aware as to how real estate transaction is done correctly. Continue reading

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EB 5 Visa Approved Project

EB 5 Visa in Simple Plain English

What is EB 5 Visa in a Nut Shell?

In the last few weeks, I have been contacted by several customers asking me about the EB-5 program. They seemed very confused and misinformed about the concept completely. Their questions where what is the EB 5 Visa program in Plain English? I will get to that in a second. But first, let me tell you what it is not and the misconception that these customers had.  Continue reading

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