Sunny Isles Moving Along with Project.

Construction Sunny Isles on 174th Street from Collins Av all the way to the Intracoastal. As the saying goes it gets worse before it will get better and that is the situation of the 174th Street improvement and beautification. So far just half of the road between Winston
Towers 300
and Winston Towers 400 in Sunny Isles Beach has been completed with crews working on the other side of the same stretch.

Winston Towers 500 unit M03 Intracoastal Views from Winston Towers 500 unit M03

Last month the crossroads of 174th and Bay Road have been closed for traffic and will remain closed for the next few months. A combination of buildings upgrading and street improvements have created some inconvenience for residents living in Winston Towers complexes. Getting around Sunny Isles at 174th street is a bit challenging as there is only one side with a pedestrian sidewalk. 

City of Sunny Isles meeting the challenge

Yes, it has been difficult for some residents to get to the beach but with the city providing beach chairs and umbrellas for residents to use with an ID card has helped with having to drag all your stuff to the beach through detour and the program is working well so far.

Winston Towers condo complexes are very popular and many people are here throughout the year but many just come for the winter which has contributed to some congestion in the area. Improvements to 174th street were needed and something that had to be done for a long time to improve the drainage and landscaping. It should make the community a better and nicer place to live and increase the property value.

One of The Best Locations in Sunny Isles Beach

Waterfront living in Winston Towers condo complex Marina located in Winston Towers condo complex

Winston Towers condo buildings were built starting in 1970 to around 1984 in different stages and were known for their luxury amenities and spacious residences. The condos and Winston Towers are still very popular among buyers of different age groups and with the seven buildings totaling around 2800 individual condos offer residences from a studio at over 500 square feet to spacious three bedroom residences at around 2400 square feet.

The community understands the importance of the street improvements and has welcomed the change. Who knows maybe by next year this time all construction will be complete and Winston Towers community will return to its former glory. I for one am looking forward to it.

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