Coronavirus or COVID-19 and Condos and Homes Miami

The deadly virus spreading through the United States has shot down most of the Cities, States, and local businesses throughout the country. It is no different here in Sunny Isles Beach, nearby Cities and the surrounding area. But I refuse to go down with the ship without a fight!

Sunny Isles Beach MiamiTaking all the precautionary measures recommended by the Federal, State and local government we are working hard. Reaching out and talking with our customer base. Making the best of a horrible situation! We are here ready to work and answer any real estate questions you may have 786-288-2300

Bad Situations Make Best Opportunities

One can never time the market, and no one knows what tomorrow will bring. This crisis will show who is a true seller and who is a real buyer. Fast forward pass the crisis, just like in the market crash. People will say oh, I should have bought, I could have bought and a few will say I bought it!

Yes everyone is cautious, the situation is not good. Our schools are closed! It is hard to show properties. And people are scared. I assure you like the president and everyone else has said, we will get through it! I refuse to believe it otherwise. 

Stay safe, use caution and common sense. 

Sunny Isles Beach