Hollywood Dog-Friendly Beaches

Where does one go to find a Dog-Friendly Beaches? South Florida is famous for its waterfront and beachfront lifestyle. It is very popular among visitors and tourists from all over the world and many locals. Most of the population is situated east of US-1 closest to the ocean and beaches but even the residents living west of the I-95 are only a short 20 minutes ride to the beach depending on the time of day.

Hollywood pet friendly beachSo what do you do if you want the spend some time on the beach and enjoy the company of your pet in South Florida and Miami area? Well, it does become a bit of the problem for those of us with dogs. It's not like you can take your dog to any beach at any time and then there is an issue as to keeping it clean and not having your dog interfering with other beachgoers.
So I set out on a search for dog-friendly beaches in the Miami Area or dog-friendly beaches in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties since this is where I live and will do my best to post what I discover as I find them.

Dog-Friendly Beaches in Hollywood Florida

In my search to find dog-friendly beaches in Hollywood FL, I came across a beach that is located just off the A1A or sometimes known as Ocean Drive. Depending which way you are driving this dog-friendly beach is located in a park-like preserve just between the Sheridan Street and Dania Beach Blvd. At first, it was a bit hard to find since there are no signs anywhere that this is the place. But after asking few people and passing the street that I needed to turn on three times I found it.

The best street to turn on in Custard Street which is a one-way street and so are the rest of the street around it so be careful not to go in the wrong direction against the traffic. If you do find parking on Custard Street great if not there are other streets you can park on. But the entrance to the beach is right there.

This dog-friendly beach is great but it is not open every day. From what I gathered you are allowed to bring your dog to the beach on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday but only after 4 PM and till 8 PM. No dogs are allowed on the beach during any other day and time.

What is so nice about Hollywood Dog Beach

I made it to the parking lot around 4:30 and there were already lots of cars there at Custard Street, but no worries I got a spot and there was plenty of parking on other streets. After some help from another person with the parking meter which is $2 per hour, I made it to the entrance. Set up is very simple. There was a person at the entrance to make sure you pay to get on the beach.

Payment is as such if you are a resident it is $5 for the day if not it is $10. They do offer a pass for six months which was $60 for a nonresident andHollywood Dog friendly beaches

less if you are. Which made sense to buy, but I was not sure if I and my dog would like the beach so I opted in for the $10 for the day, again it is only from 4-8 to see if we like it.

They had 2 garden hoses set up to rinse off your dog on the way out and had doggie bags in case you forgot yours. There is also a shower for people to rinse off as well which was nice, and they had a large trash can for the trash.

SEE More: Video of the Hollywood Dog Beach

My dog was so excited to finally get to the beach she just went straight for the water while I checked around and dropped off our stuff. This was Friday evening and there were people on the beach with their dogs. It was not crowded and plenty of room for everyone.

All kinds of dogs small, medium and large. I found people keeping an eye on their pets and cleaning up after them which was very nice. There were dogs running up and down the beach playing and swimming. All dogs were social and seemed to be well behaved and under control of their owners.

We only spend about an hour on the beach probably two would have been better but I did not feel like going back to feed the meter again. So my experience with the Hollywood Beach Dog Park on our first trip there has been amassing. I had a great time and so did my dog Lola and most likely I will buy a six-month path next time we go down there.

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If you have a question or comment that you would like to share please do so so it will help other readers looking for a dog-friendly beach in the area. My name is Len and I am a local realtor I just like to write about things that I find interesting and things that I enjoy and hopefully help other people interested in the same thing or looking for same information. If you have a question for me I can be reached at 215-917-6184. Enjoy our South Florida and Miami pet-friendly beaches.

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