Chef Kofi Caribbean Cuisine

Chef Kofi Caribbean Fusion Cuisine

Jamaican Afro Caribbean Fusion Cuisine in Miami

Yesterday a young man by the name of Chef Kofi walked into my office at the DEZER Platinum Realty in Sunny Isles Beach at 17190 Collins Ave. He was not selling anything but brought some of the samples of the freshly prepared vegan food. He was wearing a multi color jacket that resembled what I thought was either an African or Jamaican  tradition.

We started talking and one thing kind of led to another and the girls in the office ordered few items to try. Jamaican Afro Caribbean Fusion Cuisine is how Chef Kofi described his kitchen to me and what makes his food so unique and tasteful. Or maybe that is how I described it to him, he just agreed. Now, I am big on trying different foods from all over the world and I will try just about anything once, well just about. 

Chef Kofi

Chef Kofi Caribbean cuisine

Chef Kofi Caribbean cuisine

I also like to tell my clients and my friends about some of the new things and great experience that I come across or discover. Chef Kofi a Miami native born to Jamaican parents has a long and interesting carrier. But what I found interesting is his approach to what makes up his menu. Its all natural and organic, freshly prepared daily. It is not one of those fixed menu items that you can get everyday, same old boring stuff. What ever he selects from the market is that days menu prepared fresh and on the spot. Even his take out containers are recyclable.

Vegan Menu

His vegan menu is full of flavor as the girls in my office will tell you, it is fresh and tasteful. Chef Kofi also does catering for events and special occasions. He does dinners and lunches and makes deliveries. Its not everyday that you have some one come into your real estate office offering you free food. I found it very interesting what this young man was doing and the way that he was doing it. I also like to cook and try all different combinations. My wife said I am a mad scientist, that only I can combine things that one would never think of and have them taste good.

I guess I was impressed by Chef  and what he was bringing to the table and his approach to business. To read more about the chef and help him achieve his dream GO HERE. You can also call him directly and order 786-403-9850

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