Town of Surfside Flooding Warning.

Town of Surfside issues flooding warning to the residents in the area due to higher than expected ocean tides. A warning issued by the town is based on the National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration or NOAA is predicting a higher than expected tides. Town of Surfside Florida is a barrier island just like most of the beachfront cities along the coastline cities like Bal Harbour, Sunny Isles, Hallandale, and Hollywood. With the ocean to the east and Intracoastal on the west there are not many places water can go should a high tide surge comes.

Ground flooding in Surfside Miami

Surfside is experiencing high tides over two feet, which is about a foot above what the NOAA has originally predicted. The warning is being issued for the next 5 day through the middle of next week as a precautionary measure to let the residents know of potential danger and how to deal with it.

Due to the existing weather conditions with strong easterly winds and rain, which is expected to stick around for the next few days, Town Of Surfside has issued this warning.

Towns management is bringing in additional generators as well as deploying additional temporary stormwater pumps. This is on top of the existing ongoing improvement to the permanent stormwater pumps that are already in place.

Many of the town and cities along the coast are experiencing similar issues and have started to install these preventive measure pumps all along the coastline. Unfortunately, the improvements are not fully completed and expected surge will not be able to be handled by the existing improvements. That is why an extra system is being deployed.

Due to Hurricane Irma, there is still debris on the streets that potentially could cause additional problems. Also, most of the clean up has been done there are still areas around town that have more debris than usual. Town management continues to monitor the situation closely as we experience these high winds, high tides, and heavy rain. Residents are being asked to do their part and issued some helpful tips as to what to and not to do and stay safe.

Town of Surfside Flood Warning

Town of Surfside Flooding What should you do?

  • Water in the street picks-up pollutants from the surrounding environment. If you come into contact with flood water, be sure to rinse off using soap and water. Do not allow children to play in or near flood water and encourage them to wash their hands regularly.
  • Adjust your driving schedule accordingly and do not drive through flooded areas - turn around and find another way. It can be unsafe and cause short and long-term damage to your vehicle. If you drive through tidal floods, wash the undercarriage of your car to remove any saltwater accumulation. You can go through a car wash equipped with an undercarriage sprayer.
  • Avoid parking your vehicle in low-lying areas that are prone to flooding in order to prevent saltwater damage to your vehicle.
  • Flooding can result in hazards below the surface that you cannot see. This can cause injury e.g. nails, broken glass, debris and displaced manhole covers. Due to Hurricane Irma, there is more debris than usual on the streets, increasing the possibility of danger under flooded waters.
  • Road closures may occur as a result of flooding.
  • If you have a storm drain adjacent to your property, you can help us out by removing any debris that could block the water from draining properly.
  • Properties in low-lying areas should use flood panels and other flood protection methods such as sandbags.
  • If you are a boater, be aware that these high tides cause lower clearances under fixed bridges so check the tides before leaving the dock.
  • If your landscape encounters saltwater flooding, make sure the area is rinsed off and/or rained on thoroughly before adding fertilizer or pesticides.
  • Remember flooding brings standing water. Please check your personal property, if you see standing water for more than 48 hours, report it by calling 305-673-7625. Always drain and cover!
  • Make sure you have flood insurance for your home or business.
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