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Golden Beach Houses for Sale

Village of Golden Beach FL located on the pristine stretch along Collins Ave neighboring the Sunny Isles Beach to the south and Hallandale Beach to the north. Known for some of the unique architecture in Miami area and has been home to some of the well-known personalities like Ricky Martin, Paul Newman even Bill Gates; Golden Beach homes are unique in their location and offering. Please Contact Us or give us a CALL at 786-505-4786 if you have a question about the Village of Golden Beach Florida Real Estate Market. View prices of SOLD homes in Golden Beach.

Location, Location, Location

Three most important things in real estate or for that matter in any business is location, which is what sets the homes in the Village of Golden Beach apart from any other area in Miami Dade County.

A mere 1.3 mi stretch of the island which Collins Ave happens to cut through is residence to only around 360 homes. Most of the community is located west of the ocean and Intracoastal that borders the town at its west point. About a dozen Ocean Front Homes are located on the beachfront stretch and a handful of lots are available on the beach to build on. 

Why choose the Village of Golden Beach

Gated community of Golden Beach Homes for Sale has its roots going back as far as 1920 when a dream and vision of the two founding brothers of a small-town community became a reality. Picture a small, quiet town of single-family homes in a picturesque setting along the white private beach with palm trees and exotic landscapes lining up your neighborhood. With the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Intracoastal Waterway on the other, Golden Beach Homes offer a unique setting and limited availability for select few. 

Growth and Lifestyle 

The Golden Beach community has grown from the original 10 residences before incorporation to over 300 luxury single-family homes. It is now one of the most affluent communities in Miami Dade County. Homes for sale in Golden Beach usually demand higher prices because of their location and exclusivity.

It takes a force of almost 50 employees to run all the services needed to sustain the town's self-sufficiency and growth. There is a mayor, the building dept, sanitation department, and its own police force.

One word of advice, you do not want to go more than 35 miles per hour on this 1.3 mile stretch of the road unless you want to donate a few hundred bucks to help with the local budget.

Golden Beach luxury homes Community

Town of Golden Beach has no restaurants shopping centers etc; it is strictly a residential single-family community. There are no high-rise condo units or hotels on the island either. With Aventura, Sunny Isles Beach, and Hallandale Beach just minutes away you have everything that you could possibly want. Golden Beach community of single-family homes may be the best-kept secret in Miami Dade County. In the past decade, Towns demographics have changed. It has become a family with a young children-oriented place to live with most of the residents living in the community year-round. Let us help you find Homes for sale in Golden Beach and you will see what this community has to offer.