Insurance Services Miami

Insurance Services Miami

Insurance Services Miami.

Insurance Services Miami all your real estate and other insurance coverage. The right coverage at the right price at Insurance Services Miami. As the Real Estate transactions have become more and more complicated and Agreement of Sale Contracts have become longer and longer requiring more legal services and or legal advice. So has the Insurance Services Miami coverage and different types of policies required. At Condos and Homes Miami we only use Insurance Agencies and Brokers that have a proven record of delivering best customer services and have been around for some time.

No two transactions are ever the same and each requires some adjustment twists that was not needed in the one before. We always recommend our buyers do a home inspection. Yes, it is not cheap, depending on the property could be from $200 to $600. However to put things into perspective a $2,000,000.00 property needing a $600 inspection to tell a potential buyer its condition is nothing, but again is buyers choice.

As part of the home inspection, there are other items that inspector checks for like a wind mediation or termite inspection when buying a house as compared to a condo depending on the location buyer may need to get all 4 inspections. Having done that will help your insurance agent get you the best coverage at the best price.

There are so many other insurance coverages especially in South Florida that it is best to discuss it with a professional that has a track record in this business. This page was created to provide our customers with some of the companies that we have used in the past and found them to be trustworthy and dependable as well as best service to our customers.

However, if you need some advice on anything related to real estate transaction please do not hesitate to call us. 786-505-4786 Len or visit our site at

We do not endorse any of these companies and or their services. You should always talk to at least two sources and make your own decision should you use their services or not. We do not benefit financially from any of the companies listed here.The Legal Services offered by these vendors are here to help you get started.


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Nankin Insurance is about treating every client as if they are our only one. Give us a call or come knock on the door to experience our award-winning, personalized customer service. Bring your toughest insurance questions. Ed Nankin, President of Nankin Insurance. As a second-generation, native Miamian, I take a traditional approach to the Insurance business. After 28 years, many of my first clients are still with me; I work to earn the long-term loyalty of every customer.