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Leonard Woshczyn

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About Leonard Woshczyn

Condos And Homes Miami Team at DEZER Platinum Realty LLC

Known to everyone as Len, Mr. Woshczyn is no stranger to real estate business. From the early age of 14, he has worked with his father in construction, on the weekends while going to high school and part-time when in college. Knowledgeable in framing, electrical, plumbing, tiling, and sheet-rock, Leonard Woshczyn has firsthand experience with most aspects of construction and what is involved in building and rehabbing a property.

Also Not a licensed contractor, or GC his knowledge of the real estate transaction processes and ability to communicate that to his clients has helped many of them in getting a better understanding of what is involved when buying or selling their property and getting the best market price.

Committed to his love of electronics, he landed a job at a specialty electronics Co (Frederick's in Huntingdon Valley PA), specializing in vacuum measuring equipment (vacuum like in space or lack of air, not Hoover) after finishing school. Determined to succeed, Leonard Woshczyn and the team of two other engineers have totally redesigned and streamlined the manufacturing process for instrumentation and sensor manufacturing, reducing costs in both assembly and inventory holdings. Managing his department’s daily operation and manufacturing processes, Leonard Woshczyn go-to a go-to person and a leader to his employees, he knows how to cut costs and improve productivity.

With his electronics background and excellent mechanical skills, he decided to leave the company after 11 years of dedicated service and opened his own automotive service facility (Rhawn Street Mobil Philadelphia). Leonard’s electronics background came in handy in diagnosing electrical and electronics issues that his clients were having with their vehicles.

Word spread fast and his business grew from $1.5 million in annual sales to over $5.0 mil in 10 years. Lens reputation for honesty and dependability as well as excellent communication skills with his clients is his best asset. Unfortunately due to sustained back injury he had to sell his business and move on.

Mr. Woshczyn stayed involved in real estate during his employment while working in at the electronics co and while running his own business. He invested in single-family homes that he would fix up and rent out or sell. He also helped and managed properties for some of his friends and acquaintances and because of his deep roots in the real estate industry decided to get his broker’s license in Miami. With a business model based on quality not quantity and his dedication and commitment to finding a home of his client’s dreams, Len’s clients appreciate his hard work and are now part of the family.

A personal message from Leonard Woshczyn

I believe in transparency, honesty and simply good business relationships. I do not like to promise what I cannot deliver and I hold myself accountable by delivering on my promise. My handshake is better than any contract. I have joined the #DezerPlatinumRealty office because we share the same vision and goals when it comes to service and customer satisfaction. Proud to be a part of #DezerDevelopmentTeam.

You can Google me by typing my name in Google search Leonard Woshczyn or ping me via social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. If you see me out and about, please feel free to come up and chat with me. I speak English, Russian, Ukrainian and hoping to learn Spanish some day. I also have agents that work with me in a team that speak other languages like Spanish or Portuguese. It will be our pleasure at CONDOSANDHOMESMIAMI Team to help you achieve your goals and help you find that dream home or condo that you are looking for, It’s Out There!

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