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Property Listing in Miami area

Membership Registration has its benefits. Do area specific search, find the condo complex that you want or the community that interests you and set up a specific search. Get updates on the latest listings to come on the market the minute they are listed.

Our goal is to help you find the property that you are looking to buy if you are a buyer. Or help you determining the selling price of your property if you are a seller. Our pages are set up for ease of use and show you every listing available and sold in a community or complex. If you are not sure what you are looking at we are here to help 786-505-4786 direct or send us an email.

We also understand that no matter how much effort we put into the site development, there is no way that we will be able to include all of the information needed into the website, and that is why we tried to make more about property searches such as home developments and condo complexes. They are grouped in such a way that you can see each development or each condo building as well as general search for each City that interests you.

Benefit to Home or Condo Buyers

Waterfront living around Miami Real Estate properties

We spend a lot of time and effort to make the website do just that.If you are a home or a condo buyer hopefully you will find the membership registration and setting up your search criteria an easy process and will enjoy new listings that will be emailed to you. This is our primary goal. If for whatever reason you get confused and are not sure how to do it or are not getting the correct search results, we are here to help. The best way is to send us an email or give us a call 786-505-4786 and we will help you with your search.

Benefit to Condo or Home Seller

If you own your property and are thinking of selling your condo or home we have created a separate results pages to help you with that. With every condo and home community that we service there is a section for SOLD PROPERTIES that will show you what condos or homes have sold for in the last 6-12 month. It is a useful tool not just for home sellers but also for home and condo buyers because you will be able to see what the market is willing to pay for a property in your area, development or complex.

Intracoastal Miami Real Estate

Not intended to be used as a home appraisal it is one of the criteria that home appraisers use for pricing the property. There are many more things that they look at but the first thing they do is look at the comparable properties sold in the area and see what they have sold for. What is the price trend is it up or down and what was the condition of a sold property, these are just a few of the criteria that are used.

If you need FREE consultation either as a buyer or a seller of a property, we are here to assist you, we know how things work and how to help you reach your goals. Give us a call 786-505-4786 there is no fee for a consultation and there is no obligation if you choose not to work with us, so there is nothing to lose. The more information you have at your disposal the more knowledgeable buyer or seller you will be. Meantime enjoy the site and we hope it helps you with your search.

By Registering to this site you give us permission to send you listings and other information pertaining to real estate in South Florida. Information could be in a form of news, new projects or video. We do not sell or allow third parties to send you solicitation of any king not do we release your email to anyone other than our internal use and communications with you.