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Expensive Homes, Mansions and Villas in Miami

Miami Florida and surrounding neighborhoods of Miami Beach, South Beach offer some of the most expensive luxury waterfront homes around. Blessed with beautiful settings, year-round tropical weather City is a magnet to celebrities and well to do buyers from all around the world looking for some of the best Mansions money can buy. Some of the areas referred to as Miami are really not part of the city, yet people still refer to it as Miami.

The city is a mixture of cultures from all over. This is what sets it apart from the rest of the country. Buyers from South America, Europe, Canada are finding Miami real estate marker a desirable place to invest in. Miami Beach, South Beach, and Miami, in general, have always been a safe haven for worldwide celebrities and international buyers. Favorable weather, tropical settings and a safe and stable real estate market have been attracting luxury hunters for decades.