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Miami Shores Condo and Home Rentals

A Village of Miami Shores separated from the City of Miami during the Great Depression at which time the City gave up its jurisdiction and Miami Shores Rentals and development began in 1932 and still experiences continued growth till now. With a population of around 11000 residents and growing Miami Shores is a friendly community that offers a great selection of single-family homes and condos for rent at affordable price ranges. Please Contact Us or give us a CALL 786-505-4786 if you have a question about the Miami Shores rentals in the area.

Miami Shores Rentals

Living up to its name Miami Shores rentals are built around the 3.7 square miles area with roughly 30 percent of total area on the water.

Tree-lined streets accommodate walkways and lush tropical vegetation blend seamlessly into the surroundings. A neighborhood designed for ease of getting around.

Miami Shores rental developments in the village offer close proximity to Intracoastal waterways, parks, playground and of course shopping and restaurants.

Rentals at Village of Miami Shores

The village of Miami Shores boasts hundreds of businesses that help the city grow and contribute to its continued success. With cities, close proximity to all major routes getting to any destination from your Miami Shores rental is fast and convenient. Yet as the city has expanded and grown you can still find its roots throughout Miami Shores.

Miami Shores rentals market is diverse with properties ranging from small condos to luxury mansions with large lots and spacious homes.

The village of Miami Shores offers residence for rent in all price ranges and suits the needs of a family of any size.

If you are searching for a real estate rental in a desirable community than Miami Shores should be on your list. Give us a call 786-505-4786 and let us show you the benefits of living in Miami Shores or see the available rental listings on our site.